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KiwiCash Commissions Four Sites With The Hurunui District Council

In a bid to enhance visitor experience and streamline transactions, Hurunui District Council has partnered with KiwiCash to offer their technology at four prominent reserves in the North Canterbury region – Scargill-Motunau Reserve, Culverden Domain, Waikari Reserve, and Amberley Beach Reserve.

These reserves, known for their rustic beauty and recreational offerings, now boast user-friendly payment systems. This providing patrons with convenient cashless options for overnight fees and additional services. The implementation of modern payment solutions not only facilitates quicker and more secure transactions but also aligns with global trends in promoting a digital economy.

These four sites give great connection to the soon to be opened Kaikoura KiwiCamp.

As these reserves embrace technological advancements, visitors to the Hurunui District can anticipate a more efficient and enjoyable exploration of these natural havens.


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